ALITO (General Industrial Supply Company) is an employment project, created in 1986 by the VKW Kempen and VIBO the Ring.
Objective: to create sustainable employment for former students who have re-ceived training in the Special Elementary Education (BuSO).

Besides Alito Wood (a wood processing company), Alito Green was founded in 2001.


Alito Green works for

Public administrations | Companies and associations | Private clients | Subcontracting

Project managment

Working method

Working method

Working method

For the maintenance of your garden we offer you several options.
− One-time maintenance
− Periodic maintenance (monthly, bi-weekly, only during prune months...)
− Variable maintenance (performing work on call)
The manager always comes to you to preview de garden en to give you advice tailored to meet your needs.



We put safety first at our company, therefore every employee wears fluorescent clothing when working along public roads. Along busy roads we always provide a buffer with signaling, so that our employees can safely perform the landscape maintenance along the roads.



Alito green works in teams of four people. For every 3 to 4 employees, a su-pervisor is provided. This supervisor ensures proper coordination within the team and also joins in the work, which leads to an increased efficiency and beautifully finished results. Alito Green has a total of 15 employees, which enables us to flexibly deploy extra manpower if necessary.


Maintenance of green spaces
These activities constitute the daily work of our employees. During recent years, we have accumulated numerous references, companies that trust us with their landscape maintenance.
  • Crematory Turnhout
  • Besix Vanhout Geel
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica Olen
  • Paterspand WQA Turnhout
  • Vansant Electro in Oevel
  • Antiques & Design in Geel
  • Beerse Municipality
  • Lille Municipality
  • Lint Municipality
Construction of parks and gardens

Planting of private gardens, yards, public facilities

  • Installation of fencing
  • Laying of lawn (seeding and grass mats)
  • Construction of hard surfacing (clinker, dolomite, …)
  • Removal of exotic species (Bird cherry, red oak)
  • Felling of trees
  • Chopping of branches
What else?
  • Cleaning up litter
  • Maintenance of tourism infrastructure

Alito Green has a tree nursery where we grow Yew hedge plants with the best care. These plants are grown for both wholesalers and private customers.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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